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80's Covers

(The Cure)

Performed by Spellbinder

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    The following original song lyrics are also available on this site:
  1. Open up that Door (B. Brubaker)
  2. If I could (B. Brubaker)
  3. Late Night Movie (B. Brubaker)
  4. Getaway (B. Brubaker & B. Campbell)
  5. Diane (B. Brubaker)
  6. Anywhere (B. Brubaker)
  7. Empty Place (B. Brubaker)
  8. Pardon Me (K. Howard)
  9. Midnight Run (B. Brubaker)
  10. Goddess Calls (K. Howard)
  11. Take Me Down (B. Brubaker)
  12. Celtic Spell (B. Brubaker)
  13. Change of Pace (K. Howard)
  14. Chances That You Take (B. Brubaker)

  15. NEW!!!
  16. Wild Night Waves (B. Brubaker)
  17. Touch (B. Brubaker, S. Vallombroso)
  18. Night Lies (B. Couillard, B. Brubaker)
  19. Falling From The Sky (B. Brubaker, S. Vallombroso)
  20. Lying In The Green Grass (B. Brubaker)
  21. Only For You (B. Couillard)
  22. Enigma (B. Brubaker)

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