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This section is for YOU, our fans. Come see us perform, or - Sign our Guestbook (send us a pic and comments if you want!) and maybe your picture will end up posted here.

SPELLBINDER... the next new sound in modern rock, or the next no-hit wonder? - DISCUSS amongst yourselves... And you CAN discuss among yourselves, by using this link Discussion Board, to get to our discussion board!

These stations are great supporters of the original music scene, and are currently playing SPELLBINDER on request! Just follow the E-links below or even do it the old-fashioned way and call in. These stations are huge supporters, if you call in you're almost certain to hear your choice!


Original New England Music 24/7!
Very cool EJ's, good shows...
Follow the active link above and then tune into their Channel 1.
You can EMail the current EJ anytime at - you can listen online if you have RealPlayer - and even cooler - you can see you favorite EJ via their webcam! Thanks to all the RadioBoston EJ's who gave us airplay! In our first week with them they played Spellbinder songs 12 times!

Jo-E and Crystal are goddesses by the way....

WHUS 91.7 FM

Home of RisqueRadio with TAM!!
Every Alternate Wednesday from 9 p.m. to Midnight TAM! spins selections to make a sailor blush. Very interesting music, interesting talk... If you haven't caught her show, check it out!
Follow the link above to listen online live.
You can EMail TAM! anytime at

The Hostess with the Mostest is up again September 20 - let her know you want your Spellbinder!

WWUH 91.3 FM
Home of Dr. Longhair!!
Every Monday night from Midnight to 3 a.m. Dr.Longhair takes you on a surreal musical journey...
In a day that may live in infamy, Dr. Longahir was the first DJ ever to air a Spellbinder song, leading off his Midnight with Celtic Spell... perfect for the witching hour
You can EMail Dr. Longhair anytime at or at Dr Longhair
If you want to do it the old-fashioned way, call him at 860-768-4701 with your Spellbinder requests...

Come meet our fans!
"K" Man

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