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Words and Music
©1999 B. Brubaker

Verse 1
Trapped on this Cliff, going nowhere fast
No way up, no way down
Any move could be my last
Reality's loose footholds
Are failing in my grasp
Give me something to hold onto
Is that too much to ask?
    Is that... too much...

Bridge 1
Shine your light upon me
Bring Dawn to endless Night
Give me something to hold onto
Chase the demons from my sight
Wrap your lovin' arms around me
(and) when the cold winds blow
won't you lay down beside me
Show me the way to go
    And show me... the way...

Chorus 1
Oh take me down
    Even for just one night
Oh take me down
    I want to know what it's like
Oh take me down
    Get me to solid ground
Oh take me down
    Show me what you've found

Verse 2
Fear of holding on and fear of letting go
Don't ask which one is stronger
I sure as hell don't know
The refuge that you offer
Is it a lifeline that you throw?
Or does it draw me ever closer
To the rocks down far below?
    I can't reach you...
    Without letting go...

Bridge 2
Wrap your love around me
Be my shelter through this storm
Give me someone I can run to
When the dark clouds form
And when I doubt all around me
Be the one I am sure of
When I'm runnin' on empty
Just fill me with your love
    You fill me... with your...

Chorus 2
Oh take me down
    To that special place
I want to drown
    In your blue-grey lakes
Oh take me down
    I've been waiting for this
Oh take me down
    Save me with your gentle (kiss)

Verse 3
Kiss me and tell me you'll make it alright
It doesn't really matter
If you're wrong or if you're right
I know it sounds crazy, but it's how I feel
I just need something to hold onto
Doesn't matter if it's real
    Doesn't matter... if it's...

Bridge 3 and Chorus 3 > Lead Beak

Verse 4
Standing in confusion as I have so long
Tired of second guessing
Weighing right and wrong
The chaos that surrounds me
Has never been so strong
You have to be the answer
How else can I hold on?
    How else... can I...

Bridge 4 = Bridge 1

Chorus 4
Oh take me down
    To the water's edge
Oh take me down
    Get me off this ledge
Oh take me down
    Save me with a healing drink
Oh take me down
    I'm standing on the... brink...

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